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Industrial Staffing Services (India) Private Limited

Industrial Staffing Services (India) Private Limited is an organization belief in providing to our clients the best services with a clear vision & zeal to reach to the zenith in a most Professional way..

Industrial Staffing Services (India) Private Limited is proud to quote that with a very realistic approach & dedication in assignment ,we have a very large no. of fully satisfied customers. Having our H.O. in central India (Indore) with wide spread network of associates all over the country.

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Job Description matching

What this does not tell you, however, is whether similar sorts of concepts live inside job descriptions.

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the act of doing a test on a person or a person’s blood, urine, etc., to look for evidence of a disease, illegal drug, etc.

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Shortlist Candidates

Shortlisting criteria and list of shortlisted candidates for different programmes of various departments

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Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what a hiring manager would be asking you in your next interview?

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To put or bring together so as to make continuous or form a unit: join two boards with nails; joined hands in a circle

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Salary Negotiations

Whether we’re starting a new job or gunning for a promotion at our current one, we all know that we should be negotiating.

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The word career is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a person’s “course or progress through life (or a distinct portion of life)”. In this definition career is understood to relate to a range of aspects of an individual’s life, learning and work. Career is also frequently understood to relate to the working aspects of an individual’s life e.g. as in career woman. A third way in which the term career is used to describe an occupation or a profession that usually involves special training or formal education,and is considered to be a person’s lifework. In this case “a career” is seen as a sequence of related jobs usually pursued within a single industry or sector e.g. “a career in education” or “a career in the building trade”.

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